Slow Children at Play

Who Are We?

Greetings, fellow adventurers! SLOW is more than just an alliance; it's a vibrant community of diverse individuals hailing from all walks of life. At our core, we've forged a thriving gaming culture built on values of respect, fairness, and above all, fun! In our sanctuary, every member is treated with the same fairness and respect that we all cherish. We are an alliance for adults; our members span the ages from 18 to retirement and beyond. SLOW welcomes one and all, as long as you're willing to follow our simple yet incredibly effective rules.

In SLOW, perfection isn't the expectation; in fact, it's actively discouraged. Our strength lies in the unique personalities and problem-solving approaches that each member brings to the table. This diversity not only makes playing EVE Online a blast but also enriches our experiences. Here, you'll never feel like a mere cog in a vast machine, as can be the case in other alliances or coalitions. In SLOW, no leader is beyond reproach, and we take immense pride in our commitment to openness and transparency.

What Are SLOW’s Goals?

SLOW's ambitions reach far and wide. We aim to be a haven for both newcomers and seasoned players, a place to call home and foster growth. Our primary mission is to provide abundant content and a thriving community for our members and friends alike. Guiding new players, sharing tips and tricks, and reintroducing former players to the game are all focal points of our alliance. Yet, our grandest goal is to create a community that extends beyond EVE Online, bridging connections in the virtual and real worlds. While in-game objectives and targets may shift with the tides, we'll always strive to keep our members informed about our aims.

What Type Of Alliance Is SLOW?

SLOW isn't just one playstyle; it's a jack of all trades with a potent emphasis on PVP development. However, here, all are welcome! Whether you're a novice or a veteran, an explorer or an industrialist, a fierce PVPer or just testing the waters, you'll have a place here. We do expect every member to stand in defense of our alliance, but we don't pigeonhole you into one playstyle. Our cardinal rule is that real life takes precedence, and EVE Online is, after all, just a game. While you'll undoubtedly invest more time here than in any other game, we don't want you to feel pressured or burdened. We are the fearless underdogs of EVE Online, spirited and adventurous. We don't adhere to the rules or demands of other alliances or coalitions, and we're committed to safeguarding new players from harassment and exploitation by the titans of EVE Online. Join us in the adventure of a lifetime!