SLOW Children at Play

Rules and Policies

Version: 2024-APR-22

House Rules

These are rules that you agree to in order to interact on our Discord

1. Don't Be a Dick

Be respectful of your fellow EVE members. There is a difference between trash talking and being a dick.

2. No Discriminatory Speech

We do not tolerate any racist, sexist or discriminating speech by anyone.

3. Age Requirement

All members must be of the age 16+. Exceptions for younger individuals can be made by endorsing existing alliance members. We maintain a mature environment; if we find members violating this, it will result in expulsion and reporting to Discord.

4. Authentication Required

Our communication services are open to potential and current SLOW members. Any friends or associates are also welcome. However, we require all users to authenticate into our Alliance Auth. This confirms that 1. You are an EVE player (not a discord troll) and 2. To track trouble users to their in-game accounts.

5. NSFW Content not allowed on the server

NSFW content is not allowed in any channel on the server. Other servers out there serve this content, but not SLOW ones.

6. Keep Sensitive Material in DMs

Keep religion, politics, and other sensitive material in DMs; this includes memes that cross that line and cause friction. Any content that violates this will be removed, and appropriate punishment will be given.

7. No Verbal Attacks

Do not try to start arguments with one another. BEHAVE! There is no call for verbally attacking or insulting one another. Fun hazing is okay; just know there is a line, and be respectful to your fellow pilots!

8. Don't Intentionally Spread Misinformation

Do not spread misinformation about anyone. Fear tactics are UNWELCOME and will result in bans.

9. No ISK-Scamming

No ISK-scamming in any way, shape, or form (this includes begging for ISK, ships or other in-game/out-of-game stuff)

Member Rules

In addition to the house rules, members of SLOW are required to follow these additional rules

10. Authentication and Communication

All members must be willing and able to authenticate on various platforms such as Discord and other alliance-related systems. Auth can be found using the above link for Alliance Auth or by going to Additionally, members must download, install, and use communication tools like Discord for alliance-related communication.

11. Language Proficiency

Members must possess the ability to speak, read, write, and understand English.

12. Voice Communication

A microphone or headset is mandatory. Members are also required to use "push to talk" during fleet events and gatherings for effective communication.

13. No Harm to Allies

Members are strictly prohibited from awoxing (attacking or damaging friendlies, scamming, harassing, or engaging in unfriendly actions) against alliance members or our blues (allied entities). Hostile actions also include bridging in an enemy fleet, lighting a cyno for an enemy fleet, or providing warp-ins / scouting for an enemy fleet.

14. Rules of Engagement (NBSI)

We adhere to the NBSI (Not Blue Shoot it) policy. While you are welcome to participate in NPSI (Not Purple Shoot it) fleets, attacking our members or allies is strictly forbidden. Activities that would violate the No Harm to Allies is considered awoxing, as is whoring, unless explicitly authorized by leadership or the target (birthday carrier bash fleet, etc.)

Acceptance of Rules

Upon joining SLOW, members agree to abide by these rules and accept any associated punishments. The list of punishments include, but are not limited to:

Additional clauses may be applied, including issuing an apology or avoiding/blocking individuals to prevent future incidents. We aim for fairness, with the severity of the punishment corresponding to the violation. Enforcement is carried out by Alliance Leadership and Alliance moderators. We understand that the community revolves around the GAME of EVE Online, these rules ensure a continuing positive experience in and around our community.

Terms Of Service

In addition, SLOW Children At Play adheres to any Terms of Service & other legal material used by our community, including, but not limited to:

Violation of Terms of Service of products and services used by the community, which results in a ban, will constitute an internal review and appropriate subsequent action by Alliance Leadership.


Policies are guidelines

The SLOW Community is striving to provide an excellent gaming experience both inside & outside of EVE Online. These policies serve as guidelines to encourage our members towards that experience. While there are no punitive measures for non-compliance, adhering to these policies contribute to the alliance's growth and harmony in a positive way. Embodying these policies will show an eagerness to push SLOW forward into its next chapter, and will open doors towards higher organizational roles.

Active Presence

SLOW is ultimately a community, so we encourage our members to be on Discord (Comms) and in a Standing Fleet when in EVE Online. Active presence enhances cooperation and situational awareness.

Participation in Operations

While Fleet participation is not mandatory, members are highly encouraged to participate in Strategic Operations, Slave Operations, and respond to Call to Arms (CTA) whenever possible.

PVE During Strategic Operations

Continued with the above. While Fleet participation is not mandatory, ratting, mining, mission running, or krabbing during Strat Operations/CTA is frowned upon. While we understand that some players may not have the necessary skills to operate fleet doctrine ships, there will always be room for you! Being the star tackle in a fleet could mean the difference between success and defeat!

Mentoring New Players

SLOW as a community, strives to foster a positive new player experience by answering their questions and sharing tips and tricks. Veteran players are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with new players. The same is said for new players, please ask your questions! The only dumb question is the one not asked. We are eager to get to know you and help!

It's a Video Game!

SLOW ultimately understands that EVE is a video game and our objective is to have fun. We strive to bring an all around positive and constructive experience, but understand that your real life duties and obligations take precedence.

SLOW's Right to Amend

This document should be considered a living document, and while we strive to notify members of any changes, members are responsible for keeping up with the latest versions and adhering to any amendments made by alliance leadership. These rules and a link to this document will be accessible at any time through the Alliance Discord.